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Course Introduction

This online class is divided into 5 learning modules.  Each module has an Introduction, Resources, Activities, and Evaluation section.  To access each section, click on the module number above and click on the section you would like.

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The initial class will take place at ---. All subsequent classes will be delivered online.

Participants may register for the course by filling out the Professional Development Registration Form.  If you have additional questions, email the facilitator.


Course Overview

Module 1 
This module will cover the philosophy and categories of computer use, assessing technology resources and curriculum goals, and classroom management tips.

Upon completion of module 1, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the best placement for my computer?
  2. How can technology fit in with my curricular goals?
  3. What are some management techniques?

Module 2 
This module will cover One Computer as a Teacher Tool.  Software and Internet Resources will be explored for personal productivity.   Using the computer for mail merged personalized letters, grades, Class Web Pages, and communications with others will be explored.  

Upon completion of module 2, you should be able to use software and Internet resources to help you create materials, manage student information, plan lessons, and communicate with others.

Module 3
This module will cover One Computer as a Presentation Tool / ôSmart Chalkboard."  Software and Internet Resources will be explored to create linear and nonlinear presentations.  In addition, resources for the presentations and presentation devices will be covered.

Upon completion of module 3, you should have a  presentation or a lesson created for use in your classroom.

Module 4 
This module will cover One Computer as a .  Specific software and/or websites will be explored such as WebQuests and Interactive Group Experiences (like Decisions, Decisions).

Upon completion of module 4, you should have an understanding of collaborative learning and specific software/websites that can be used with this structure.

Module 5 
This module will cover One Computer as a The one computer for  research, productivity, and collaborative projects will be explored.  Management techniques for smooth integration into the school day will also be addressed.

Upon completion of module 5, you should be able to identify specific software and/or Internet resources that can be used for student research and productivity.   You should know how to set  up the one computer for collaborative projects and manage the computer within the context of the classroom.




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