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Frequently Asked Questions

As questions arise, this page will be used to compile the most frequently asked questions.  If you do not find your answer listed here, feel free to contact the instructor.

How do I utilize the Communication Tools in the Class?

NOTE:  Which tools to use has not been determined.  Those not used will be deleted from this section before the class begins.

Tool URL Directions
eMail Listserv - Coollist
*To subscribe  Click here 
**To send a message: 
*To respond to messages, click Reply to All
eMail Listserv - Topica
*To subscribe: or visit 
*To send a message:
*To unsubscribe: See the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any message.
Threaded Discussion - Yahoo! Groups
*To subscribe: You will be sent an email.  You will be signed up when you reply to the message. 
*To send a message: 
*To unsubscribe: onecomputerclass-unsubscribe
discussion board - BeSeen
*To start a new topic (thread), click New Message.
*To respond to a message, double-click the message to open it and then click Reply.
*View messages by date or thread (topic).
Internet stored bookmarks - Backflip  *User name - 1computer
*Password - class
*Click here for pdf how-to file.
chat - Yahoo! Chat *Download the software at (Pick the one for your system)
*In the login screen - may be minimized on the taskbar with a :) , put in your Yahoo id and password then click Login.  Do not check Invisible or we will not "see" you in the chat room.
*Add a Friend to your Messenger - In the Yahoo Messenger Window, click Add.  Add by Yahoo id my login -  lttecho.  In select a group or add a new one, create a group called One Computer Class.  A message will then be sent to me asking for permission for you to add me.  
*Adding you to my list - Send me your Yahoo name so that I may add you to my list for any chats you may want to join.
Message Board  *To start a new thread - click Post Message
*To reply to a message - click on the message you want to reply to, fill out the form




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