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Why use cooperative groups?

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  1. Cooperative/Collaborative Group Background Information

  2. Cooperative/Collaborative Group Structures

    • Collaborative Group Techniques$91  ...This article describes 12 different cooperative structures.  The activity or instructional goals will affect which structure you choose.  Think about a cooperative group activity coming up in your classroom.  Pick a structure that will allow the students to benefit more from the activity.

    • Introduction to Teaching Strategies - Teaching Strategies on the left side.  Download (pdf file) 32 different teaching strategies which can be applied to cooperative groups.  Each comes with a description of the technique, steps to implement it, and suggested graphic organizer.

    • The Jigsaw Classroom - This is the official website of the creator of the Jigsaw method, Elliot Aronson.  Here you will find an overview of the technique, 10 easy steps to implementing the technique, and tips on implementation.  What reading assignment coming up can be divided into sections as this website describes?

    • Susan Ledlow's Version of Jigsaw -  

  3. Software / Internet Resources


  1. WebQuests
  2. Collaborative Projects
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