TIE 300 - Web Site Evaluation -
20 Points 

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For this assignment, you will evaluate 3 web sites that may be useful for teaching a selected curriculum unit in a selected grade. 

Identify 3 sites

You will identify the unit and locate the 3 web sites.

Choose an Illinois Learning Standard, and grade level.

Find a standard in math, language arts, science, social studies, physical education and health, fine arts, or foreign language for your particular grade level.

Conduct a search for web sites that could be used by the students in learning activities that could lead to the standard.

Identify at least 15 such web sites. From among those, select 3 that lend themselves to helping students to:

  • practice information-seeking skills
  • become informed about a topic of inquiry or answer a question
  • review multiple perspectives on an issue
  • generate date needed to explore a topic
  • solve authentic problems
  • publish synthesized or critiqued information

List which of the 6 above the site addresses next to the site name.

Send Lisa Toulon an email with a list of your three identified sites, including a short paragraph describing each site and why you like it.

Evaluate the 1 site

Use this Word template to evaluate one of the web sites that emerged from the identification process above. (Open the form into Word, or, print it out and fill it out with pen or pencil.)








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