TIE 300 - Integrated Project Lesson Plan-
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For this project, you will develop a lesson plan that integrates a software application in the teaching of subject matter.

You can choose from among the following software applications:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access

Choose an Illinois Learning Standard Performance Descriptor (available http://www.isbe.state.il.us/ils/html/descriptors.htm). To do this, you must narrow your focus to a particular subject and grade level.

  1. Write a lesson plan that uses the software in substantive ways. Roblyer gives a lot of substantive examples for you to modify, or you can choose your own.

Use this Word Lesson Plan template to complete your plan.

  1. Also, create a sample of the kind of student work that would be considered excellent.

Your Lesson Plan must meet the following criteria:

  • Include a realistic time frame so students can learn how to use the software as well as the subject matter.
  • Use the unique capabilities of the software to support instructional activities. This means that you can't just replace paper and pencil with the software.
  • Save instructional time and/or make possible activities that would be otherwise impossible.

Please have your Illinois Learning Standard performance descriptor and software selected before class on January 26th. Completed Lesson Plans (including a sample of high quality student work) due February 23rd.

Roblyer provides these critiera for evaluating technology integrated lessons:

  • an outside observer sees the technology activity as a seamless part of the lesson
  • the reason for using the technology is obvious to you, the students, and others
  • the students are focusing on learning, not the technology
  • you can describe how technology is helping a particular student
  • you would have difficulty accomplishing lesson activities if the technology weren't there
  • you can explain easily and concisely what the technology is supposed to contribute
  • all students are participating with the technology and benefiting from it







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