TIE 300 - Excel Gradebook -
10 Points 

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Create a spreadsheet using Excel that can serve as a grade book for a hypothetical class.
  1. Enter at least 15 student names.

  2. Use the following assignments:

Vocab quiz 1 (10% of grade)

Vocab quiz 2 (10% of grade)

Vocab quiz 3 (10% of grade)

Chapter test 1 (15% of grade)

Chatper test 2 (15% of grade)

Final presentation (20% of grade)

Final exam (20% of grade)

  1. Give the students grades (use percentages ranging 0 to 100)

  2. Use a formula to compute the final grade for each student and class averages for each assignment and for the final grades.

(Hint, the formula must weigh each assignment appropriately. You cannot just take an average of all the grades. For example, if the total number of points were 20, and one assignment was worth 5 points and the other was worth 15 points, the formula to compute the final grade (given scores as percentages) would be (score1*5 + score2*15)/20).

These resources may prove helpful:



http://storywind.net/education/mccarthy/lessons/exceltutorial.html (this one is the most detailed regarding the formula you will need)


http://www.microsoft.com/Education/Excel97Tutorial.aspx (very comprehensive resource, for Excel 97 but most of it should still work, especially the stuff about formulas)








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