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  • Blackboard Discussions. - 15%  - We will be reading three articles over the nine weeks of class.  After you read each article you will logon to Blackboard and write one original posting and respond to two other postings.  At the end of the course, you would minimally have three original postings and six responding postings - of course feel free to post as often as you wish.


  • Project #1Autobiography.  - 15%  - This project will be prepared with the word processor Word (or other equivalent word processing package).  You will draft and revise a Personal History of Microcomputer Use, a historical sketch to be documented from your own personal experiences.  Your tale should let me know how you first came to use microcomputers and how your use of them has changed over the last few years.  The history should be written using narrative prose; like telling a folk-tale or a story.  Tell your story the way it is!  


  • Project #2.  Specialized Bookmarks.  - 10%  - You will create a specialized bookmark’s page for your students to use in Netscape (can also be used in Explorer).  This will provided your students with structured access to the World Wide Web (WWW).  You will be asked to find resources that your students will use related to a curricular topic of your choice.  


  • Project #3.  Database.  - 15%  - This project will be prepared with a version of the Access database (or equivalent DB).  This project's focus is to develop a student learning environment.  Create a database application that would be of use to enrich your students' learning.  Typical examples of databases useful in instruction are:  inquiry into inventions, classification used in zoology, or research into the universe.  Use a word processor to write a learning activity on the topic of your database.  


  • Project  #4.  Spreadsheet.  - 15%  - This project will be prepared with the Excel spreadsheet (or equivalent SS).  This project is to be a student learning environment.  Create a spreadsheet  application that would enrich your students' learning.  A typical example of spreadsheet application useful in instruction are:  laying out and understanding data from an experiment, examining data and drawing conclusions from a survey, or exploring a mathematical application. Use a word processor to write a learning activity on the topic of your spreadsheet.  


  • Project  #5.  Connecting Curriculum and Technology.  - 30%  - You can use a unit you currently use in your teaching or create the framework for a unit you will use in your teaching that show the topic/activity sequence of your unit and the links to the NETS Grade Level Performance Indicators (click Standards for Students on the left then Profiles for Technology Literate Students) and the Illinois Learning Standard.  




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