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EDN 506 - Computer-Based Instructional Technologies

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  • Goal
    • To convey an understanding of the various methods of instructional computer uses


    1.  The students will learn about the possible meanings of computer/technological literacy and technology integration and its connection to facilitating the learning of all students.


    2.  The students will learn about the predominant trends influencing the ways computers are used in American schools.


    3.  The students will learn a variety of strategies useful for integrating microcomputer applications with traditional curriculum in a variety of subject matter content areas.


    4.  The students will learn to use the four most generally accepted tool/client applications (word processing, database management, spreadsheets, and communications) to develop additional pedagogical skills.

    5.  The students will study and reflect on the major implications of microcomputer use for Efficiency, Equity, and Quality of educational experience.  These three important planning goals will be discussed relative to the students own unique educational experiences and the environmental context of learning.




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