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EDN 506 is a graduate credit course designed to help teachers develop critical procedural skills and key concepts necessary to integrate microcomputers and other interactive instructional technologies into their own lives and as teaching professionals. The learning experiences will include an introduction to the fundamentals of using microcomputers as a tool for learning by integrating technology into the curriculum. 


The approach used in the course will be learning by doing.  The classes will consist of discussions, demonstrations and supervised lab periods where the students will be encouraged to work on their projects under the supervision of the instructor.  Demonstration, small group and one-on-one learning strategies will be used to assist the students in learning the skills necessary to use the various computer-based tools.  Instructional activities and grades will be related to five semi-structured projects designed to help each participant develop microcomputer-based curriculum materials that can be used directly with students or in other job related activities.  The following applications will be used as tools for technology integration:  Word Processing, Internet, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, and Database.  Each will incorporate the Illinois Learning Standard and the NETS Grade Level Performance Indicators (click Standards for Students on the left then Profiles for Technology Literate Students).


Each of the tools - Word Processing, Internet, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, and Database - has an Introduction, Resources, Activities, and Evaluation section.  To access each section, click on the tool name above and click the section you would like.


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