Technology Enhanced Projects


Your school has a computer lab where your students have been working on different technology applications.  Time is limited and you would like to be able to link these activities to your curriculum.  But how exactly can technology be used to accomplish curriculum goals?  What are the different technology solutions available?  In the span of 90 minutes, you are going to grapple with these questions and more.

The Task

To incorporate technology into your curriculum, you need to develop a thorough understanding of the different possibilities open to you as you use technology to enhance the curriculum.  One way for you to get there is to explore different technology solutions available to you and discuss how they can be used in your curriculum.  That is your task in this exercise.

By the end of this lesson, you and your group will answer these questions:

  1. What topic or curriculum objective can be enhanced through technology?

  2. What types of technology solutions are available?

  3. How can working with the computer lab teacher enhance the project?

The Process

  1. First, individually brainstorm all the different ways you use technology in your curriculum.

  2. Next, share your ideas in groups of 2-3.  Using Inspiration, or the software of your choice, create a combined list.

  3. Share your ideas with the class.  The facilitator will create a list grouping them by subject area.

  4. Choose a subject area which you would like to learn additional  ways to incorporate technology.  Working in your groups, use the links below to explore different technology solutions or search for your own.  Your facilitator will give a short overview of the examples and a demonstration on how to narrow down your searches.

  5. Find 3 different technology solutions in your area of interest.  Plan how you would use it in your curriculum.  Include how working with the computer lab teacher can enhance the project.




Collaborative Projects


Virtual Tours


Digital Cameras





Ideally, this exercise will provide you will a larger pool of ideas to integrate technology into your curriculum.





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