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"Continuous learning is not a choice in education; it's a necessity."  

Author unknown

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  1. Assessment
    1. Assessing Teachers Technology Skills
    2. Technology and Student Achievement 
    3. Assessing System-wide Technology Use
  2. Conferencing Tools  
  3. Constructivism
  4. Cooperative Learning
  5. Copyright and Plagiarism
  6. E-Learning and Staff Development
  7. Email
  8. Evaluating Resources and Higher-Level Thinking
  9. Grants
  10. Listservs  
  11. Lesson Resources
  12. Managing Technology 
  13. Newsletters and Journals  
  14. Planning
    1. Technology Plans 
    2. Tools for Technology Planning
  15. Staff Development Models
    1. Motivation
    2. Student Models
  16. Surveys
  17. Technology Agencies, Programs, and Policies
  18. Technology Standards and Scope/Sequence
    1. Technology Standards 
    2. Technology Scope and Sequence


Assessing Teachers Technology Skills  

Technology and Student Achievement

Assessing System-wide Technology Use

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Conferencing Tools
Tool Where to get it
Listserv  Coollist 
Yahoo! Groups 
Chat Rooms  
Threaded Discussions Yahoo! Groups 


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Cooperative Learning

  • Jigsaw Classroom .. The official website of the creator of the jigsaw method, Elliot Aronson.  List 10 steps to implement the jigsaw strategy in the classroom and implementation tips.

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Copyright and Plagiarism

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E-Learning and Staff Development

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Evaluating Resources and Higher-Level Thinking 


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Deadline Name Description
Links to Multiple Grants
Grant Sites
Education Grants & Funding Sign up for a weekly grants newsletter here

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Lesson Resources

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Managing Technology 

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Newsletters and Journals

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Technology Plans 


Tools for Technology Planning

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Staff Development Models


Student Models

  • Gen www.Y - ...The Gen www.Y program trains students with technology and pedagogical skills to help improve teacher's teaching and therefore student learning. The Gen www.Y program is a school-wide strategy that provides teachers with on-site, anytime support for producing technology-infused lessons.

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Technology Agencies, Programs, and Policies


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Technology Standards and Scope and Sequence

Technology Standards 

Technology Scope and Sequence

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