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Mission Statement

The purpose of LT Technologies, Inc. is to link technology with teaching in order to maximize student achievement in the classroom. Whether through workshops, training classes, curriculum development, or any other services, LT Technologies, Inc. will strive to make certain every technology dollar spent provides real benefits to both teacher and students.  LT Technologies, Inc. will be a resource for anyone involved in Education, including providing valuable resources on our website that are available for all.


Company History

In 2000, Lisa Toulon was an independent contractor teaching classes for both business and educational training companies. Having the ability to write materials that were applicable in the classroom and a desire to provide better, more cost effective service to schools, Ms. Toulon retained a business consultant and formed LT Technologies as a sole proprietorship.

The immediate and continuing extremely positive response from the teachers, coupled with significant cost reductions to the school districts, led to referrals.  The ability to custom fit the varying needs of a variety of school districts and to be an integral part of the district’s technology planning spurred additional growth.  

Throughout this time Ms. Toulon continued her education and also taught graduate classes for several local universities. Contacts with high profile players in educational technology were made and projects such as writing professional development materials, facilitating internet based teaching, and educational research came into the fold.

LT Technologies has now become LT Technologies, Inc., incorporated in Illinois in January 2005.  The company is a 
Certified Professional Development Provider for the State of Illinois, offering a wide range of technology solutions for our customers, all designed to effectively link teaching with technology.  

Our President

Lisa Toulon has been involved in Education her entire life. Interested in becoming a teacher since the time she helped her Mother in the classroom, she received a Bachelors of Arts in Education from the University of Illinois and spent the next twelve years in the classroom. During this time, Lisa earned a Masters of Education in Reading and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Technology in Education, both from National Louis University .

A passion for educational technology led to the difficult decision of leaving the classroom and becoming a consultant and per diem trainer for Educational Resources. Besides training, Lisa correlated software to state goals for Michigan , Texas , Illinois , Washington and Florida along with designing professional development materials.  

After gaining three years of experience, Lisa formed 
LT Technologies. Along with customizing materials and training teachers K–12 to effectively integrate technology into their curricula, she also collaborated with Learning Point Associates at North Central Regional Education Laboratory (NCREL) on several projects.

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